A7RII VS Canon 5DSR Comparison Video – Initial Thoughts by Miguel Quiles

Miguel Quiles is one of the few people to have spent time with both the A7RII and the Canon 5DSR—two of leading contenders for high-megapixel capture, and he shared an in-depth conversation on his YouTube channel. Having spent time with both systems, he’s now the leading global expert on the performance of both—that makes this video particularly important.


Quiles is a relatively recent convert to the Sony platform and a prolific video producer that has been talking about his experiences with the Sony platform on his YouTube channel.

Quiles shared these thoughts about the video.

Over the past couple of months I had the opportunity to shoot with two of the most highly anticipated cameras of the year, the Canon 5DSr and the Sony A7RII. Having recently switched from shooting with the Canon 5D3 to the Sony A7II I was very interested to see what this latest generation of cameras can offer. With a little over an hour of hands-on time with both cameras I decided to sit down and give my initial thoughts and impressions on them, and discuss why I think the Sony A7RII is the camera to beat in 2015.

Quiles also talked about the Sony a7RII focusing after his first use of the camera, which we included here on our roundup of news on the new system.

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