Best Mirrorless for Video

Stark Insider, a west coast lifestyle site, reviewed mirrorless cameras for shooting video and Sonys are in 2 of the 5 spots, including honorable mentions for the A7SII and the A6000.  As Clinton Stark wrote

Mirrorless is here in a big way. And for video shooters, it can be a great choice. There are several great choices out there, and the list of suitors appears to be growing at break-neck speed. In the end, I think you can do well with any of these (though, again, the BMPCC warrants special consideration) cameras. I’m dear to Canon, but Sony and others have really raised the bar in the last few years. You do have to wonder how long the DSLR form factor will last.


Whether you’re shooting casual family get-togethers, soccer games, birthday parties, or, shooting more serious projects, like weddings, music videos, or even narrative films, you might be surprised how far a mirrorless camera can take you.

The Sonys Stark prefers are the DSC-RX100 and RX-10 II. Regarding the RX-10, check the slo-mo he shot at 960FPS.

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