Cadaver Behind the Scenes

This panel discussion from the Cine Gear Expo is a behind-the-scenes exposé of the first major motion picture to be shot entirely on Sony’s a7sII full-frame camera, paired with specially engineered Hawk65 Anamorphic lenses to provide a look that can only be realized by shooting on very large image sensors.

Cadaver is a horror-thriller is pioneering a wide range of new technologies to realize a modestly budgeted motion picture with a high-quality production aesthetic.

I watched all 50 minutes of the video and it’s an insightful session that explores the tools, techniques and creative process of a production, which will inspire a new dialogue about the new technology options available to modern motion picture producers. Namely, shooting with full-frame, compact cameras like the a7sII ($2598.00 on Amazon).

I’m not shooting anything near motion pictures, but the cine work I’ve been doing on assignment for Digital Photo Pro has been with the a7s II.