Canon M3 Review Disappoints

In a USA Today review by Chris Thomas, the Canon M3 disappoints. From our perspective, we welcome the competition in mirrorless, like Fuji and Leica. After seeing Nikon and Canon launch new flagship cameras this year, wondered as have other media, where their mirrorless tech was…it isn’t in the m3.

In our time with the camera, we found it to be fraught with unexpected hang ups: its odd design, questionable image quality, and pitiful lens selection mar what should be a sure thing. For some strange reason, the EOS M3 is a lesser camera than the sum of its parts.

Like Chris, we’re asking when Canon (and Nikon) will get mirrorless right? Looks like another year at least.  However, for Canon fans the reviews on AmazonCanon EOS M3 are mostly positive, and the camera is available on 2/16 from their warehouses. B&H is shipping the M3 now at $429.00.

In the under $1,000 price range, competitors include the Olympus OM-D E-M10 or the best-selling Sony A6000. Canon seems to finally understand what mirrorless fans want, but has yet to deliver a winner.

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