Cinetic Kickstarts Another Controller

Cinetics added another product to its line of motion control, dolly, and tripod systems for photographers, filmmakers, and videographers. Lynx is an ultra-smooth camera slider and multi-axis motor control system that for timelapse.

Launching today, Cinetics is accepting preorders for Lynx through the fundraising site Kickstarter. Lynx is Cinetic’s fourth Kickstarter campaign

And, the reason you’d want to purchase a motor controller from them? They’re offering it a lower price point because they selling direct.

The Lynx is manufactured using carbon fiber and CNC machined aluminum and promises precise motor control technology to enable quick and quiet slides, pans and tilts. The mobile app shipping with the Lynx uses a joystick design and accelerometer controls with preset programs for complex moves.

To learn more about Cinetics and its current line of products, visit the site or come see them at the SXSW show in Austin, Texas from March 12-14, 2017 (Booth #202).

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