DNP at Your Next Event

DNP is the billion-dollar Japanese printer company you’ve never heard of. I know this because I’d never heard of them until we met at WPPI.

And, that’s where they showed me the SnapLab+ SL620A and you know at a theme park after the splash down or big finish, there’s a wall of photos, and you can buy a print of one? That’s DNP’s tech and they’ve miniaturized it into the size of a smallish desktop printer.

So what?

Well, the use case I thought of and will use it for later this month is a photo booth at a party.

Photo of a print out from DNP….

Everybody loves a photo booth. One that spits out copies of their awesome poses, is more fun.

I’m not a wedding photographer, but that’s what DNP was doing at WPPI showing off their wares besides meeting with journos like me.

Is the SnapLab+ cost prohibitive for a small business? At $1,995.00 and weighing 40 lbs perhaps, but I also can imagine a bike shop using the SnapLab for the moment when a customer picks up a new bike or gets fit.

SnapLab+ Specs

The SnapLab+ SL620A is compact photo printing kiosk system for photo retail and event photography applications. The kiosk system combines DNP’s DS620A dye-sublimation photo printer, the DNP DS-Tmini™ order terminal head, and customized software for an easy and intuitive workflow that provides wireless smartphone connectivity and the ability to create photo books. The kiosk offers a wide variety of print size options ranging from 3.5×5” photos to beautiful 6×20” panoramic prints; and 4×4”, 5×5”, and 6×6” square prints are also supported.  Integrated software allows users to quickly edit any photo as well as add borders or custom text.  Photo books, border prints, and ID photos can easily be produced.  Prints are available in glossy, matte, or luster finishes. It features a powerful

The kiosk features a powerful quad-core processor, a 10.1” high-resolution touchscreen panel and a wide range of media card readers, including Compact Flash, SD, Micro SD, Memory Stick, MS Micro, and USB ports.

A roll of DNP’s paper costs about $100.00 and yields 300 prints.


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