Wedding Photographer Switches to Sony Cameras

From This Week in Photo (TWiP) Weddings and MomentsInDigital, an interview with Sony Artisan Robert Evans about why he switched to Sony Alpha Series cameras. Known for his high-end wedding photography, he’s shot with Hasselblad and Canon before the switch to the Sony Alpha cameras. In the interview, he shares how after using a Sony camera, he never looked back, and his reasons why Sonys are well suited to weddings. In the comments, Sharky from PetaPixel adds

With the a6000 and the FE 70-200mm f/4, I’m able to get shots that are pretty darn close to what I could get with my Nikon D4s. With the new a6300, it’ll be even better.

I’ll add and with the G Master Lenses too…

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