First Days Hands On With The Sony a7RII

I’ve just returned from a several day media event with Sony, where I’ve been using the Sony a7RII as part of my coverage for Digital Photo Pro. The first few days with the camera have been great. Image quality is fantastic (especially when the camera is paired with the new Batis lenses) and the a7RII lives up to the hype.

The assembled journalists spent days at multiple locations from flower gardens to indoor studios with Mixed Martial Arts fighters. I shot more than 2000 images over the first few days and was incredibly impressed with the a7RII.

We also had time to work with Sony’s engineers, which was a nice opportunity to give them feedback on the main pain points, like the buffering times, battery life and settings. It’s nice to be able to work directly with the people building these cameras.

More reviews are coming here, and in Digital Photo Pro where we’ll have a full hands-on review in the next issue.

Sample images (62 of them) are available on our Flickr page.

The take-away from the experience, for Sony shooters is summed up like this: Sell your current a7 cameras and buy the a7RII.



Sony a7RII

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