FUJIFILM GFX 50 Is Not a Fail


FUJIFILM is a worthy competitor to Sony and fans of mirrorless know it….check the reaction in the comments to SLR Lounge’s clickbait article about the GFX 50s. Like, this one

I’m always saddened when i see a title of an article where it’s claimed that a company “failed” or made “fatal” mistake. It’s like the author is standing at the end of a diving board over a dry pool saying “Look at me! I’m an idiot!”. Often the new models and designs are stepping stones to better products and often open up new avenues and niches in a market — David Peacock

That one is pretty tame.  Can’t blame the commenters when the author says things like

Formats like 35mm were considered small formats and synonymous with amateurs.

For the record, I’ve also reviewed the XT-2 and X-Pro and while I prefer Sony, there’s nothing FUJIFILM does that fails.

And, the camera isn’t even out yet.


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