Imaging Resource: A7S II Review

While the buzz is about the new a6300, last year Sony updated the already excellent A7S and Imaging Resource has given their final verdict, after awarding the Mark II the Best Low Light Camera of 2015

Combining a refined camera body, improved autofocus, and many notable upgrades, the A7S II is a great camera. If you’re looking for high resolution you may want to look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for excellent low light performance and lots of video features then you need look no further than the Sony A7S II.

On assignment for Digital Photo Pro, I shot with the A7S II and a Rokinon lens and was equally impressed. For my style of shooting, the high-rez of the A7R II or RX1R II is preferred, but I couldn’t argue with the short video edit or getting an image like this from inside a moving car shooting the Rally cycling team. I didn’t notice the seagull in the middle of the photo, until much later in post.

Buying Guide

  • Low Light, Video—A7S II from Amazon or B&H for  $2,998.00
  • High Rez, Best Image Quality—A7R II from Amazon or B&H for X
  • High Speed, Video—a6300 from Amazon or B&H for $3198.00
  • Ultra Compact, High-Rez, Best Image Quality—RX1R II from Amazon or B&H for $3298.00.

For the best value in Sony cameras, and the mirrorless that outsells them all, buy the a6000 for $648.00.


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