Make No Mistake, Sony Knows Their Market

In case you missed it, PetaPixel ran this ridiculous article that that Sony’s use of full-frame sensors is fatally flawed. We’re not going to weigh in on this argument beyond this short post because it’s just invalid to assume a whole product line is a “fatal mistake,” because you prefer a different system; especially, when the justification is based on incorrect assumptions. No camera system is perfect. And, that doesn’t mean any of them are fatally flawed. Honesty there are no bad cameras today—or from the other blogs I publish, bicycles. As with any premium product, it comes down to brand appeal, price, and what or how you like to shoot. Every successful company figures what their key market is and who they want to target, and the PetaPixel post was just a ridiculous attempt at trolling for rage clicks.

The Alpha Series made a fatal mistake because a lens is longer? That’s just dumb.

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