New Touchless Shutter App Triggers Your Camera With The Eye Sensor

Sony’s just released a beta of a new PlayMemories app. The new Touchless Shutter app triggers your camera with the eye sensor, enabling completely hands-free shutter release when capturing landscapes or long exposure shots, without needing to bring a remote control or set a countdown timer.

According to Sony’s page “With this application, you can simply hold your hand over the eye sensor to release the shutter.
Now you can operate the shutter without touching the camera, thus eliminating camera shake once and for all. When bulb-shooting, hold your hand over the eye sensor twice to start and end the exposure. ”

Sony’s notes indicate that this supports bulb shooting on the a7S and a7 II cameras.

Sony’s list of compatible cameras include:

The application, which is in beta, can be dowloaded from your camera, or from the PlayMemories page itself, which will sync with the camera when logged in.

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