Nikon D5 and D500: More Mirrors

Sony execs and ambassadors
Sony execs and ambassadors

Today at CES, Nikon responded to the Mirrorless market by upping the SLR ante. I contributed to the report by David Schloss on Digital Photo Pro. The specs are impressive of course, but the media I spoke to afterward also wondered where, when, and if Nikon would respond with their own mirrolesss tech. The presentation was also a bit confusing, possibly a translation error, when a Sony exec said, the D5 “Pairs Mirrorless tech with mirrors.”  Still don’t know exact what he meant by a stable mirror system, but will update the story if we can get clarification.

The D5 uses a new “stable” mirror system, which Nikon claims provides performance that outpaces the mirrorless cameras on the market. Thanks to a newly designed AF sensor and new image processing engine, the D5 can capture 12 frames per second using a 153 AF point sensor (with 99 cross points).

The (On sale on Amazon) will use the same AF setup as the D5 and have built-in Snapbridge (the company’s file sharing) enabled and always able to share images with smartphones and other devices, and with the cloud.

Sony ZV-1

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