DP Mag Review: Pelican Luggage

While the press, including me, shot with the new Sony a9, my new blog at Digital Photo Mag started. The first post is about luggage that won’t break, a review of Pelican’s laptop case, and weekender. I traveled with the Pelican to NYC and, yep, it did not break.

For travelers and photographers in the know, Pelican was an obvious choice, but I wanted to do my own research, and it was exhaustive. I now have a Pelican case for a quick two-day shoot and a fancier carry-on for a longer stay. The Pelican is paired with the Thule Covert bag I’ve traveled with for a couple years. The Pelican goes in the overhead and the Thule is stashed under the seat.

Read the rest of the review at DP Mag. I’m editing photos from the Sony shoot and will share them next week.

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