Sony a6000 Action Photography Three Mandatory Steps

The Sony a6000 is a powerful and tremendous camera for sports photography, but many photographers don’t know how to set it up correctly to maximize its performance. Legendary teacher and product developer Gary Fong created this short video to teach the Sony a6000 action photography three mandatory steps.

As Gary Fong explains in the notes to this video

For users of the Sony a6000, there are three conditions that need to be set simultaneously to shoot action sequences. They are: 1) the focus mode needs to be set to AI-Servo. 2) The Drive needs to be set to Continuous High, and 3) The focus area must be set to “wide”. With these three conditions met, the camera is free to do focus tracking. It will then select and track the item in the center of the screen, but may release should another item cross the focus area. In order to “lock” on one item, simply use the “Lock On Autofocus” mode, which will then hold the subject even as they cross the entire viewfinder screen, regardless of items crossing in front or not. This type of training is entirely impossible to explain with the owner’s manual

A series of videos created by Fong that can be purchased are available on his website.

Gary Fong is a longtime professional photographer, who recently switch to all-Sony. Many readers will be familiar with his Lightsphere, used by countless wedding and event photographers.


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