Sony A6300 Field Test

Imaging Resource published their Sony a6300 field test and are as impressed as all the other reviewers, including us.

During my field test with the Sony A6300, I found it to be a great mirrorless camera overall. It is compact, but includes many controls. It has an APS-C sensor that delivers really good image quality, even at higher ISOs. Many of its best improvements are subtle in nature, such as the redesigned APS-C CMOS sensor and improved electronic viewfinder. However, some other improvements are immediately noticeable, such as the massive boost in autofocus performance and the wide array of excellent video features.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.12.43 PM

They also share the criticisms, which include the clunky OS, and “unfortunately-slow buffer clearing.” Considering the price thought, the a6300s shortcomings are easily overlooked. As expected, Imaging Resource gets right to it and answers their own question of whether or not a cropped sensors can deliver—at Sony Mirrorless Pro we prefer full-frame….it’s better than the a600s, but less quality than the A7.  Also note it’s not that much better, and the price of an a6000 is $448.00.  The a6300 is $1,000.00 from Amazon. If you want the speed of the newest generation camera, then get it for sure, but know the image quality isn’t substantial different. And, if IQ is your concern as it is mine, spend more for an A7 series camera, like the A7R II.



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