Sony a7II Pros and Cons Video Review –

Many camera reviews are all glowing and positive, they leave out the drawbacks and stumbling blocks encountered when working with a new system,  like the a7II. That’s why we liked this Sony a7II Pros and Cons video review from the videographers behind the YouTube channel PrettyGeekyPhotos.

In their two-part video series, they look at the Sony a7II after using the system for a full month, having converted from an SLR system. Some of the things they’re happiest with are the built-in in-body image-stabilization, quietness of operation in video use, face-following auto-focus, auto ISO and much more.

The “pros” video is fifteen minutes long but the “cons” video is twice as long, something you don’t usually see in a review video. Naturally they mention some common issues like battery life, but also LCD screen image quality, menu system—which they feel is stuck somewhere between a pro and a consumer menu system, focus point selection, file naming workflow issues, and more. (and for the record we agree with all of their comments.)

It’s a very deep dive into the Sony a7II, and a good look at the Sony system in general for anyone looking to transition from DSLR to Sony mirrorless.

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