Sony A7R II Wins Camera of the Year

logo-tipa-asideOf all the Sony Alpha series cameras that I’ve shot with, it’s the original A7r that remains a fav—I kept mine because a frame I took with it landed me a mag cover, and follow on work with photography magazines. The shots shared here using the MC-11 adaptor and Sigma lens were taken with it too, like this birdhouse on Instagram.

The SONY α7R II is a highly compact and lightweight mirrorless camera with a back-illumination full-frame 35mm image sensor that has a total of about 42.4 megapixels. It also incorporates a 5-axis in-camera image stabilizer with a maximum effect of 4.5 shutter speed steps, a 399-point high-density phase-detecting autofocus sensor and a newly developed low-vibration shutter with a braking mechanism resulting in a highly advanced multi-pixel camera package. The camera is highly versatile because it accepts mount adapters to mount classic lenses and lenses of other brands.

The A7r IIjust won the prestigious Camera of the Year award from CPJC. No surprise, as it’s even better technically than the first-gen I use. My next fav camera the, RX1R II and the one I take everywhere with me, won best full-frame compact.

And, for an indication of how strong the mirrorless market is, Fujifilm’s X-Pro2, and an Olympus lens won awards too.

See all of the awards on TIPA’s site and for shots I took with an A7R II from a Formula One race.

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