Sony A99 II Possibly Delayed

Sony Japan issued a “high demand” warning possibly affecting supply in other countries. Translated with Google, the announcement said

With regard to the digital single-lens camera ‘α99 II’ will be released on November 25th, has received bookings exceeded initial domestic sales plan significantly, it has become a situation that does not keep up with the domestic needs of our customers . For this reason, it might get time to deliver the goods. That you apologize for any inconvenience to our customers and you wait, I apologize.

As Digital Photo Pro observed, “Because the A99 II exceed Japan sales plans, we have to imagine that global plans were also caught off-guard.” When announced, the a99 IIat $3200.00 was expected to ship in time for the holidays. Amazon indicates the a99 II will arrive on November 30th and is taking pre-orders. The previous version, a99 shows as out stock.

Our buying advice, is if this cameras is for you, pre-order now to get in line.

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