Sony Launches Mirrorless Website

Sony Australia have launched a microsite entitled Move to Mirrorless. The site includes a series of videos that explain mirrorless technology, relative to DSLR gear and pages that launch off into deeper dives into Sony camera systems and lenses.

Some of the rumor websites are taking the launch of this site as part of the indication that new cameras are coming from Sony, but we think the opposite is true. It takes a lot to put together a site like this—each of the links to the various cameras requires interactions with graphics teams and product managers and the right internal pages—and so these sites don’t tend to launch when new products are imminent. In any case, it’s a great resource for anyone looking at mirrorless technology and Sony gear.

The videos, like the one above and the rest of the series, below are a good look at how the Sony system works and is a good resource for someone shopping for new camera systems.

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