Sony RX1R II: A Do Anything Camera

Overdue on my long-term RX1RIIreview, and still working on that, but wanted to share probably the best example of the camera’s prowess (to date). From us, you’ve seen landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, and product shots on location with Sony’s flagship camera. Yesterday, there was breaking news in the bike industry—another beat I cover—and I needed to get a shot out fast. No time to get into a friend’s studio, or another suitable location and wanting to make a specific point, I set up this scene.

In my garage.

Using diffused light from the garage door windows, with semi-transparent film, and a moving blanket, the result was above. A few presets in post, wrote the words, and done.

Total time spent was about 12 minutes. Look closely, and I missed touching up a thread from the blanket. Here’s the same setup from another shot this morning.


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