"Still Waiting" Phish at the Gorge

After a line as long as it took Ulysses to travel at least 4 chapters of an oral history, maybe 5…the crowd gathered for Phish at the Gorge Amphitheater. Having never heard a Phish song before, I got into the jam band groove soon enough, and then they covered Crosseyed and Painless, a fav Talking Heads song. And, really, brought the house down with such an infectious groove.

The chorus was so viral, for the next 24 hours  Phish fans would randomly start singing,”STILL WAITING!” Wherever they were.

That included us.

Besides insisting you see a Phish concert cause it was AWESOME, also check the photos. For Sony and mirrorless fans, I shot with their flagship RX1RII and in this venue, it did exactly what a step-up, premium compact camera should do….got the shots, better than a phone could, and with a 35MM prime, I had lots of options. Not there to work or getting backstage, I just shot from being in the crowd. The shots are from walk in, out, the campground, terrance, pit and so on. The one that I was most surprised by is the Glow Stick tracers… I was just holding the camera up in the air and pressing the shutter and that point, as Phish closed out a really great show.

The Gorge is a special place, as you’ll see in the photos–it’s the energy from the river, sun, and setting…..The full moon too. The band photo, from the pit is good, not bad…zoom in and you can see I was moving at the time.



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