TECHART Leica M Adapter for E Mounts

Steve Huff shares a video of the TECHART Leica M Lens AF adapter for Sony Alpha Series cameras; including, the A7R Iand II. That means you can use Leica M lenses on cameras and the TECHART joins a long list of adaptors. I use a Fotodiox for my Nikon lenses and Sigma just announced their Canon adaptor. The newer adaptors include AF functions.  On his blog, Steve added

I tested the adapter with the 40 2.4 Summarit which was converted from a Minilux to an M housing and mount. I also tested the adapter with a 50 Jupiter 3+ and 50 Summilux and it nails the focus every time. In the video below I show off the adapter and take some shots to show you how fast it will AF outdoors.

The TECHART is available for preorders now direct and costs $349.00.

Breakdown of the Techart PRO
Breakdown of the Techart PRO

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