The Verge Trolls Mirrorless Camera Fans


This week, The Verge trolled mirrorless and retro camera fans, with a post about how Canon should make a digital mirrorless version of its famous AE-1 camera

Somehow, Canon — which has dominated global camera sales for the last 13 years — has almost completely missed this trend. Global mirrorless camera sales were up 16.5 percent this year, while DSLR sales were down 15 percent. Yet Canon has just one line of mirrorless camera to its name, the Canon EOS M series, and it’s done a poor job of cultivating these cameras since their inception in 2012. (For instance, the company has somehow only afforded them a very meager lens lineup for the M series, even though Canon’s DSLR lens system is reputable and vast.)

Our take? That camera already exists.  It’s called the Olympus OM-D E-M10 or the Fuji X-T10. What Canon should do is make a Pro mirrorless camera, that’s what we’re all waiting for, Nikon too. For more on how Sony disrupted a mirrorless market, read this story.

And let’s not forget what happened when Nikon made their retro camera...

Nikon's retro camera.
Nikon’s retro camera.

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