Whatever Happened to the NX1?

So whatever happened to Samsung NX1? Writing for Yahoo, Daven Mathies shares a eulogy of sorts…but as far as we know, they exited the market without a word to say.

The most impressive thing about the NX1 may be that Samsung bothered to make it at all. In the beginning, Samsung’s digital camera sector consisted of point-and-shoots that weren’t exactly anything to write home about. But Samsung treated cameras as seriously it did cell phones to televisions: It didn’t want to compete, it wanted to dominate – particularly with mirrorless cameras.

Davey doesn’t concluded that Samsung has left, but everyone we know in the camera business, thinks they have….

Should it prove true that Samsung is shuttering its consumer camera business (or shifting it to new directions, namely Gear 360 and VR), we still won’t look at the NX1 as a failure. It was a daring maneuver, a true flagship product that came incredibly close to shaking the foundations of the camera industry. Samsung poured everything it had into the NX1, and while it may not have succeeded financially, it was still one of the most impressive and unique cameras we have ever used. We’d be sad to see it go.

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