When Lighting Strikes

While not a Sony, or even a mirrorless camera, the moment a pilot–Santiago Borja— captured is incredible. It was taken at the moment of a lighting flash:

A strong, roiling updraft; a smooth, flat anvil; and the overshooting top — all features of intense developing thunderstorms.

And over the Pacific en route to South America. Borja is a first officer for LATAM Ecuador Airlines. He took the photo with a Nikon D750, south of Panama from the cockpit of a Boeing 767-30.

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Borja said:

Since I carry my camera everywhere, I started trying to capture storms and in-flight experiences some time ago combining my two greatest passions: flying and photography.

A couple takeaways from Borja…take you camera everywhere too, and it doesn’t matter what brand it is, as long as you get the picture.

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