20-inch-by-24-inch Polaroid Format

Probably heard about Kodak being a casualty of smartphones and selfies or figured that out yourself. The Polaroid and point-and-shoot have been replaced by our phones, and that’s why the mirrorless market exists, to sell you a step-up camera with a good lens, image quality, and compact form, like the PEN-F. When Kodak’s assets were sold off, a set of tradeshow demo cameras were bought by John Reuter and the New York Times followed up on the story today. The 20-inch-by-24-inch Polaroid format was intended to demostrate Kodak’s chemicals and are most famously associated with the photos of Chuck Close, who was taking selfies before a rear-facing, tiny camera was spec’d on your phone. The business Reuter tried to make from Kodak’s demo format will close by the end of the year.

I hope another guy with money swoops in to save format, or the cameras get donated to museums, and loaned out to photographers. I’d absolute shoot a bike with one, like the Tarmac I photographed last week with the Canon 1DX

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