86 Bar with Sony RX1R

The scene at our new fav Mexican restaurant in Seattle.
The scene at our new fav Mexican restaurant in Seattle.

The 86 bar at a new fav Mexican restaurant in town, that’s as authentic as I’ve ever tasted. Fonda La Catrina features cooks that’ll occasionally choke out diners with a signature super-spicey dish that wafts through the air, closing throats, and watering eyes.

About every 25 minutes airplanes landing at Boeing Field buzz the building, shaking it like a Magic Fingers Bed while FedEx and UPS trucks join in, rumbling past on the street.

Dishes clank, people chatter, drinks get poured, and above that din, I’m reminded of how blue collar Seattle is.

Dipping a final chip into the guacamole, another wave of customers arrives at the door, and we pay our check, so they can get our table.

Despite the purple fringing we found on photos take in the forest, in this restaurant, the RX1RII performed as expected.

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