A First Wedding Photographed With The a7s And a7II

Marc Weisberg is an award wining photographer based in Irvine, California specializing in Luxury Architecture & Real Estate Photography, Weddings & Family Photography and Commercial Photography. This post originally ran on his website, where he shared his views (and the beautiful images below) on capturing his first wedding photographed with the a7S and a7II.

Weisberg was kind enough to let us share this post, which we think really shows off the incredible versatility of the Sony a7s and the a7II

You can find Weisberg’s work, and book him for jobs on his website.

There is a further discussion about this shoot on the Sony a7/a7R Facebook group.

My First Wedding Photographed with the a7s and a7II

Dana Point Wedding Photographer

Photographing Weddings Exclusively with the Sony Alpha α7s and α7II: Just to be clear this wasn’t my first wedding I’ve ever photographed.  I’m numbering more in the 600 range  (weddings) photographed in the past 15 years.  That being said, 2 weeks ago I had an opportunity to photograph a wedding solely with the #SonyAlphaa7s and a7II.  I was faced with a myriad of lighting conditions that all wedding photographers come up against:  open shade, direct harsh sunlight, twilight, night time available light photography and off camera flash photography with the Profoto AcuteB600R and Pocket Wizard Plus III’s and the Neewer TT850 manual speedlights.  What follows is My First Wedding Photographed with the α7s and α7II.


How Did the α7s and α7II Preform?  In a word….Brilliantly.  I was super impressed with how my a7s anda7II handled all the scenarios. Dynamic range is impressive as I was able to capture the entire range of shadow and highlights in glaring sun with ocean views. Color renditions are amazing.  I saw no CA {chromatic aberrations} in any images, even with extreme back lighting.  Focusing during the day was never an issue, with one caveat. Night time, available light only in near darkness was an issue. As the camera would hunt and seek.  But in my 15 years experience photographing weddings this is true of any DSLR without a flash attached to bounce of some kind of IR signal/pattern from the subject. That being said, when focus locked on, the images are dramatic, powerful and sharply focused. In hindsight what I should have done was use DMF {Dynamic Manual Focus}. Which would get me close to focus and then dial in the focus the rest of the way by manually fine tuning the image and using focus peaking and magnification.

Tech Notes: What follows are singular images  processed in Adobe LR5 with adjustments to exposure, color, sharpness, clarity, tone curve, shadow and any other adjustment that is available in the LR5 modules. No Adobe Photoshop is used on any images unless specified. I’m amazed and impressed by how sharp the images straight out of camera when shooting wide open and when stoping down. I used all the Sony glass that I own:  FE 16-35 f/4 Z OSS, FE 24-70mm f/5 Z OSS, , FE 70-200 f/4 G OSS,Sonnar T* FE 55 f/1.8 ZA, plus the, E 30mm F3.5 Macro E-mount Macro Lens {on loan from Sony}, for the ring shots.  For pixel peepers, you should know that I’ve output all images at 20″x20″ @300 dpi.  Even the 30mm Macro images. There is no degradation, or pixelization noticeable on any images.


A few other technical notes:  Skin tones are rendered faithfully, black and white conversion within Adobe LR5 from the RAW files is easily accomplished with a broad tonality range from deep blacks to gray tones and clean whites, I’m partial to punchy colors, easily bumped up with a +10 on the Vibrancy slider and +6  on the Saturation slider in LR5.

My First Wedding Photographed with the α7s and α7II


My First Wedding Photographed with the α7s and α7II


My First Wedding Photographed with the α7s and α7II


My First Wedding Photographed with the α7s and α7II


dana point wedding photographer_0083


dana point wedding photographer_0085


dana point wedding photographer_0084

dana point wedding photographer_0086

dana point wedding photographer_0087

My First Wedding Photographed with the α7s and α7II

dana point wedding photographer_0089

My First Wedding Photographed with the α7s and α7II

dana point wedding photographer_0091

My First Wedding Photographed with the α7s and α7II

My First Wedding Photographed with the α7s and α7II

dana point wedding photographer_0094


dana point wedding photographer_0095

dana point wedding photographer_0096


dana point wedding photographer_0097

dana point wedding photographer_0098


dana point wedding photographer_0100

dana point wedding photographer_0102

dana point wedding photographer_0103

dana point wedding photographer_0101



dana point wedding photographer_0105

dana point wedding photographer_0104



dana point wedding photographer_0106



dana point wedding photographer_0107

dana point wedding photographer_0108

dana point wedding photographer_0109


dana point wedding photographer_0110

dana point wedding photographer_0111

dana point wedding photographer_0114

dana point wedding photographer_0112

dana point wedding photographer_0113

dana point wedding photographer_0115

dana point wedding photographer_0116

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