Extensive A7II Hands-On Video With Kyle Marquardt

We’ve seen a lot of video reviews of the Sony A7II, but none are as comprehensive as this a7II hands-on video from The Camera Store TV Youtube Channel.

The video, which was shot right after the a7II shipped, covers all the aspects of camera operation, including the changes to the menu system, custom settings and various shooting configuration. The video covers the changes in the construction of the camera, the advances in the shutter system and the five-axis stabilization—but he also takes the time to point out the weaknesses in the system. He’s not a fan, for example, of the plastic ports covering the jacks on the side of the camera (nor are we) and he’s still unhappy with the relatively loud and clunky feeling of the shutter and the lack of significant improvement at high ISO settings.

For video shooters the review includes a long segment on improvements in video recording and picture grading settings, as well as other changes that make the a7 II more interesting to the videographer.

The latter third of the video Kyle Marquardt—a long time Canon shooter—tries out the a7 II for the first time. Marquardt explains that he hadn’t found a mirrorless system that he liked and then proceeded to shoot with the a7II and appear blown away by its performance. “It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea,” he says” that something so dinky has such good image quality.

The Camera Store TV is an excellent YouTube channel for the photographic gear head with excellent videos that take apart camera systems without any bias. Run by the Canadian photographic store, The Camera Store, the video channel provides in-depth reviews of still and video equipment.

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