Sony a6000 Tutorial Video: Massive In-Depth Walkthrough

Users of the Sony a6000 should set aside an hour and watch this massive Sony a600 tutorial video, by Tony Northrup. Nearly an hour long, Northrup covers absolutely every aspect of using Sony’s popular APS-C camera.

The Sony a6000 is technically aimed at the enthusiast photographer, but the incredibly high frame rate and fast focusing rate makes the a6000 an interesting choice for the action sport photographer.

Northrup’s video steps through each setting and option for configuring the camera, in fact this video is so detailed and so precise that it’s like reading a high-end camera use guide. That’s not incredibly surprising since Northrup and his wife write photography books.

They also have a great YouTube channel filled with hands-on camera reviews, shooting guides, flash tutorials, studio setups and more. You can find all their videos on their Facebook page.

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