Sony A9 Skin Tone Issue

After a flawless a9 launch and follow-on influencer event, Sony addressed a possible overheating issue with their disruptive mirrorless camera by releasing a firmware update. There was a problem with the server and the file wasn’t downloadable for a time. It’s back now along with several other updates.

While the firmware update(s) occurred, Chris Gampat from the Phoblographer posted about an issue with skin tones

From Chris

I typically manually set my camera to 5500K or 3200K white balance. From there, I’m able to get more consistency when working with the files in post-production. With Sony’s own lenses, I was getting some really weird colors in skin tones.

Those tones are weird. I also see something odd possibly happening with the Eye-AF, or Face Detect if he’s using that. Note how one eye is in focus and the other is not.

I shot for a day with the a9 during the launch and didn’t have issues (that I know of or noticed) and it seems likely a firmware update would resolve this weirdness if it’s related to the camera. The off skin tones discoloration maybe cause by a lens too.

Photos: Chris Gampat

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