Brilliant a7II Video Shows Stabilization's Prowess

The folks at F8 Photography keep producing some of our favorite videos that showcase the Sony alpha system. This incredible video from the a7II shows off the five-axis stabilization better than just about anything else I’ve seen.

This video was shot with the a7II and the Sony 70-200 OSS lens. The guys at F8 Photography also raved about the lens, having this to say about the killer stabilization of the glass.

Shooting the Sony A7II and Sony 70-200 F4 OSS lens to see how the stabilisation works in full 5-axis mode. In this short test, I found this lens to be excellent, much better than what I could achieve with the 24-70 or any third party lenses, not sure if it has a better OSS system in the lens, or just easier to hold still due to being heavier, but I think the footage speaks for itself, some of it looks like on a tripod.

The bigger glass certainly looks better to me in this video than some of the native FE glass, so we agree that the lens’s built in stabilization is giving the five-axis stabilization of the camera a boost.

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