French Site "Reviews" 90mm Macro

The French camera review site Les Numeriques has gotten their hands on a early production Sony EF 90mm f / 2.8 Macro G OSS and they had very good things to say about it. (The semi-mangled Google translate version is below.) SonyAlphaRumors has reported that Les Numeriques has named the 90mm the sharpest of the new FE mount lenses to be announced, but we are unable to confirm that on the site.

About the new lenses in general, including the new “G” series lenses the website says

madFirst difference: the design. For optical stamped Zeiss design and optical design is a collaborative Zeiss and Sony. For optical stamped G, design and optical design are exclusively the result of the work of Sony engineers. The industrialization phase by cons, including prototyping, development production, testing, packaging, is in both cases conducted by Sony.

Second difference: philosophy. If the laws of optics are universal, everyone can operate according to their own aspirations and all the better if not everyone always produce the same goals. Zeiss historically has always focused on the high contrast and resolving power of the optical. Not surprisingly, this philosophy is found in the Sony Zeiss optics. Against by Sony for its Sony G instead to focus on a high contrast prefers to work on the bokeh duo resolution. These philosophical differences lead to different aesthetic signatures. Duly noted. Let’s go to the discovery of new lenses.

and regarding the 90mm in general they say…

Another first in the hybrid Sony range (for 24×36 mm casing): a dedicated macro lens. Even more impressive than the Zeiss 35mm f / 1.4, Sony FE 90mm f / 2.8 Macro G OSS is much more impressive mechanically. Indeed, note the focus ring system with “clutch”that can instantly switch from autofocus to manual focus with physical stops at 28 cm to infinity! Better thereby distance Focus is immediately hold the preset manually using the scale. At Last! Only one more chart of depths of field, to finish doing things … , notice on the right side of the switch that allows décanter the ring and go to a fluid rotation, ideal for video. 

Tl;DR – The lens is really good, and they’re looking forward to reviewing it fully.

We will be doing a hands-on review of the 90mm macro as soon as it ships.

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