Canon v. Sony, Zeiss, Sigma Triumvirate

It seems the current mood in America is for more plain talk and saying what you mean—while making sure we respect the competition and their market share on this site, Philip Greenspun, a Harvard blogger, doesn’t hold anything back, and says what many mirrorless camera fans are thinking….

Those of us with big collections of Canon EOS lenses have had to watch enviously as cameras with Sony sensors outclassed all of the Canon bodies, regardless of price. The Nikon system, anchored by Sony sensors in camera bodies such as the D800, inspired the most envy. Sony’s own systems didn’t seem that awesome, however, due to the lack of lens choices. The latest DxOMark tests, however, show that the lens options for Sony mirrorless systems are not to be sneezed at. Some of the better lenses ever tested are the Zeiss 25/2 and Zeiss 21/2.8, both designed for the Sony A7 camera. If you want an awesome 50/1.4 it seems that the Sigma 50/1.4 “Art” lens is the best mixture of optical quality and price/weight and it is available in a Sony mount (but for their DSLR cameras rather than the mirrorless? This would then require an adapter).

Even Pentax is now crushing Canon in the DSLR image quality area with its K-1 body that includes the Sony 36 MP sensor lifted from the A7.

So… Canon doesn’t make bodies with competitive image quality and most of the great new lenses are coming from third-party makers such as Sigma and Zeiss. How does this happen to a market leader?

The reasons that happened are complex, but know this, what Sony has in the pipeline indicates they’re just getting started and are relentless in a 6 month product release cycle. The a6300 and G Master lenses indicate as much, and speaking of that, we’re in Miami shooting with those now with samples and reports to follow.

A6300 Shipping Soon

The much-anticipated a6300 is shipping soon with Prime from Amazon for $1,148 16-50mm lens.

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