DSLR or Cinema Camera for Film?

In a long post about using a DSLR (with or sans mirrors) v. a cinema camera PDN buries the lede…

“All this nonsense about technology, it’s really getting old,” says Crudo. “It’s boring and it’s irrelevant, and it gets everybody off the real topic, which is who’s got a good story. If you’ve got a good story, I don’t care if you shoot it through the bottom of a Coke bottle. It’s going to sing.”

So true and the biggest reason we switched to mirrorless is we didn’t want to carry the weight around anymore. We’ve seen movies and commercials shot with iPhones that “sang.” Now we can get as good or better images than DSLRs—it’s all about the sensor and Sony is leading the way with their tech and lenses to match. That’s what the a6300 is about. It does stills AND video. What does make the difference is the lens, I shot recently with a Rokinon cine lens attached to an A7s II, and pulling focus manually was much smoother and faster because the lens has a geared focus ring. The point of that setup from B&H was it retails for about $3,500, and I was shooting professional quality video. That’s not my normal gig, but I was able to do it, if needed. I wouldn’t try and shoot with a Coke bottle, but that may create an interested look for sure.




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