Capture One 11 Released

As I’ve shared in a DP Mag column, my workflow combines Adobe Lightroom CC when I’m traveling and Capture One for the studio work. This week, the 11th version was released and it’s just keeps getting better. I’ll let the video explain it below, but the most important feature is FINALLY it’ll NOT import duplicates. And, they’ve introduced a layered-centric workflow with annotations. In my experience, I’ve found Capture One roundtrips better with Photoshop than Lightroom CC and I use it for clone stamping and selecting a mask.

Capture One 11 introduces an updated processing engine, market-leading performance, and powerful new features. The highly responsive tools give you the power to create stunning images from your camera’s RAW files, in a time-saving workflow that can be customized to fit your needs. Capture One 11 is made by Phase One, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end digital camera systems, in collaboration with the world’s leading professional photographers.

New Features And Tools In Capture One 11

Next Level Layers

In response to customers’ needs, masking tools have been further developed, and new features and overall performance advances have been introduced. New tools have been added to refine and feather the mask after drawing, or adjust the opacity of a layer to control the impact of local adjustments. With more tools available locally and with increased performance in masking, Layers in Capture One are now more dynamic than ever.

  • Layered Workflow
  • Layer Opacity
  • Feather Mask
  • Refine Edge
  • Grey Scale Mask

More Streamlined Workflow

Annotations and graphics as Overlays can be added to images and exported in PSD files as separate layers. Crops can be respected or added as a Path when exporting to PSD files, permitting the full image to be used later for retouching. An individual watermark may be included as a separate layer in an exported PSD file to permit greater control during later editing.

  • Annotations (Export as a layer when using PSD)
  • Overlay in output (as a layer when using PSD)
  • Export Crop to Path (when using PSD)
  • Watermark as a Layer (when using PSD)

Designed To Enhance Performance

Capture One has been further optimized to increase overall performance. Improved color handling through re-engineered color tools helps ensure optimal layered color adjustments. Color readouts can now be viewed in LAB mode aiding customers who wish to measure image output to critical values. Improved performance in Catalogs makes for an overall better experience.

  • Editing Speed
  • Import Duplicate Checker
  • Color Improvements
  • LAB Readout
  • Catalog improvements


Capture One 11 is available now for the Mac and Windows. Owners of Capture One Pro 9 and 10 can upgrade for $119 USD/EUR. New customers can purchase Capture One Pro 11 for $299 USD or $279 EUR. Capture One Pro 11 is also available by subscription. Subscribers can simply download the new Capture One Pro 11 release. A single-user subscription is $20 USD/EUR per month for a 12-month plan or a 180 USD/EUR prepaid subscription, paid annually.

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