Behind The Scenes: Sony a7R III Sedona Model Shoot

My editor at Digital Photo Mag was in Sedona recently for a Sony media event and shot with the a7R III. Besides hanging out of a helicopter and flying around in a balloon, there was a modal shoot and in this video he shows what happens.

At the Sony a7R III media event in Sedona, Arizona, we bring you behind the scenes to see how the model shoots work. Often, when a camera manufacturer brings press to evaluate a camera, they provide models, lighting and stylists. Check out this behind the scenes look at what happens when 20 journalists all take the same photos at the same time.

It’s more than just a model standing in a field. I haven’t shot with the a7r III yet, but excited to do so, because it’s a new kind of camera adept in the studio and fast enough for action. Read David’s story here.

I have shot with the two previous revs: a7R I and II and most recently with a 135 attached and during an F1 race in Austin, where I was frustrated by the writing speed to the SD cards.

Coincidentally, just two years ago I was in Sedona myself shooting with an a7R and wrote a story about it. At that time, it took patient and being in the moment to get the shot.

Now with advanced AF, including Eye AF, I’m sure the camera is far easier to get a shot and be in the moment, which is what Sony is always trying to get better at. They want the technology to get out of your way, so you can get the shot.

I was super happy with the performance of the a7R in Sedona and can just imagine how much better the body has gotten after two revs.

The Sony a7R III is available for pre-order now from Amazon for $3198 and ships at the end November.

Expect the first stock to sell out.



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