Cheddar and Gouda: a Love Story Shot with Sony

Ed note: I’m cross-posting this story from The Mirrorless Pro because Chris shot it with a Sony a7 ($1,198.00 on Amazon) and 35mm f2.8  ($798.00 on Amazon) plus Adorama flashpoint flash ($149.00 on Amazon).

A Brooklyn couple explores the idea of an open relationship, and shares intimate moments from their love affair with grilled cheese sandwiches.

Conceptual photographer and editor in chief of The Phoblographer, Chris Gampat celebrated National Grilled Cheese Day with this photo essay.

Photo: Gampat. Models: Eli and Grace. Light Mark Beckenbach.

As Chris explained to me a flurry of text messages, Cheddar and Gouda: A Love Story is a conceptual piece about a Brooklyn couple who decides to open up their relationship to the possibility of an affair with Grilled Cheese. Of course, they did this on Grilled Cheese day and so their affair is sort of short lived.

Photo: Gampat. Models: Eli and Grace. Light Mark Beckenbach.

If there’s a National Spaghetti Day, Chris could get all Nine and 1/2 weeks with a shoot too….the series came about when Chris thought of exploring the idea of love and lovers (being super lonely himself). He used to be a wedding photographer and remember that during engagement sessions, every couple has these images they expect. So playing with that idea a bit, he asked, “What if there was a couple, but it was an open relationship. And that relationship involved grilled cheese.”

See for yourself, the photos are gooey, sticky, and delicious. When is National Burrito Day?

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