Configuring Sony Custom Menu Settings a7, a7S And a7R

There are dozens of settings in the menus of the Sony a7, a7S and a7R that unlock the camera’s most powerful features. While the camera manuals list these features, without someone to show you how they all work, it’s difficult to even know where to start. Configuring Sony custom menu settings can be confusing, with numerous settings that seem related but difficult to work though.

Luckily our contributor, Sony Ambassador Mark Galer has an excellent video on his YouTube Alpha Creative Skills channel. Subscribe to the channel for great videos like this.

Galer starts off setting the date and time on the camera and then walks through every menu item including focusing modes, focus area, creative styles, long exposure, face detection, color space and much, much more. It’s a complete tutorial on how a professional sets up and uses their a7 system.

Short of taking a seminar, this is the best way you’ll find to configure the settings on your Sony a7.

For Sony a7II users, the menu organizations have changed a bit but the settings and the ideas behind the menu items and the choices are the same.

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