Sony a7II Vs Sony a6000 – A Definitive Video Guide

The Sony a6000 or the Sony a7II, that is the question. On forums, in articles and in real life we constantly hear people asking what camera is the “right” one for their type of shooting.

While there’s never a single “right” camera, there are camera that are better suited to different types of shooters. The a6000 and the a7 share a common DNA, but they differ in how the perform, what types of images they excel at and what types of lenses and accessories they can handle.

For many shooters, the high-speed focus and capture rates of the a6000 made it the choice for sports shooters or those looking to capture a flood of images in a very short period of time, while the a7 series produced better images but with poorer focusing speeds.

The a7II changed the game with a faster focusing system and faster buffer, so this comparison is more important than it would have been with the a6000 vs the a7.

This exhaustive video by TheDigitalDigest is the most comprehensive analysis we’ve seen of the differences between the systems, and how they work. In the nearly half-hour video ever aspect of the two cameras are analyzed.


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