How We Got That Cooke Look

The video edit I’ve been working on for a couple weeks with Lill Monsters Industries is up and is from a HDVideoPro Magazine assignment.

For the article, we attached a one-off Cooke Optics lens to an a7S II and got that a classic Hollywood look, and at thousands of dollars less than a more typical digital cinema setup: e.g., a RED Cinema or Arri camera.

Not only that but we made pasty-white Amazon tech workers look like walk-on extras!

What you need to know is, the mirrorless disruption has not only upended the still market, but cinema too. And, a Cooke lens with a7s II costs about $10K and that pricing would’ve been unheard of just a few years ago. Eric Johnson from Lill Monsters told me after the shoot

“In today’s production environment with an E-mount option, having not just access to legendary, or near legendary, lens manufacturers is a game changer. But now the price point has opened things up to owning such lenses. For video production, my still lenses days are numbered.”

Here’s a link to the story and I hope you click through. The scenery is from downtown Seattle and the art is located at the Washington State Convention Center.

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