First Image Samples From Sony Zeiss FE 35MM 1.4 Lens Test

We’ve just started testing  the new Sony Zeiss 35MM F1.4 ZA Distagon T* and are impressed already with the image quality, focus blur and the speed of the lens.

This first set of sample images shows the performance of the lens at each aperture setting.

These files are full-size jpegs, so the pages will take a while to load, depending on your connection. We will be posting scaled versions of these images along with our next batch of samples, but we thought a lot of people would like to view the full details of the test.

First Tests: Aperture Range

At first glance for us the focus blur (“bokkeh”) is on par with that of the renown Sigma 50mm “Art” lens, which I tested for Digital Photo Pro. The sharpness of the flower petals pops vividly here in contrast to the soft blur of the background. It’s a great look and we’re going to shoot a lot of tests at f/1.4 to see how it works with various background contrast level and how much edge artifacting the lens exhibits.

Sony SEL35F14Z Distagon T FE 35mm f/1.4 ZA Amazon U.S. B&H U.S.
Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS  FE Amazon U.S. B&H U.S.
Sony 90mm Macro G OSS f/2.8 FE Amazon U.S. B&H U.S.
Sony 28mm f/2.0 FE Amazon U.S. B&H U.S.


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