First Reviews of Sony FE 28mm f/2

The first reviews are starting to trickle in for the new Sony FE 28mm f/2 lens, which is already shipping in Asia and in Germany. The website Background and Blur has posted a review of the new lens.

From my rudimentary sharpness test, the new 28mm shows impressive sharpness. Perhaps not quite as sharp as the Loxia, but pretty close nevertheless. Keep in mind that the Sony FE 35/2.8 puts down a seemingly poor performance because its distortion is heavily corrected in software. This is normal for very compact lenses, and it affects the corner resolution.

The site likes the new lens, though notes that it’s not as well built as Sony’s Zeiss-branded optics. Indeed, the samples on the site show it’s a very impressive lens.

Sony’s US site has listed the date for preorder for each of the four new FE lenses announced recently.

Lens Date
Sony FE 24-240mm
March 15, 2015

Zeiss FE 35mm
April 12, 2015

Sony FE 28mm
May 2, 2015

Sony FE 90mm
July 5, 2015

The lenses are also available for preorder on the Sony website.

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