Future Sony A7x Series Cameras

Johnnie Behiri from cinema5D was invited to Sony’s HQ and among other activities, had a chance to make a quick interview with Iwatsuki-san who is a senior manager for product planning at Sony industry consumer electronics. Johnnie observes that Sony is listening to customers and even better Alpha cameras are being developed. It’s a long interview, and Johnnie provided this breakdown with timestamps.

  • Where is the DSLR market heading to? (00:12)
  • How does Sony see the mirrorless camera market? (01:14)
  • Do you see a need for small, lightweight lenses? (03:09)
  • Does Sony recognize the need for faster lenses? (04:39)
  • When will Sony be implementing HDR technology on a7x cameras? (05:09)
  • Can you see further improvements for low light capabilities? (05:28)
  • Which camera would you consider better suited for video recoding, the a7SII or a7RII? (06:32)
  • What is Sony’s recommendation for choosing the right Picture Profile? (08:29)
  • What are the most significant improvements in noise reduction between the original a7S and the a7SII? (09:37)
  • Any comment regarding overheating issues concerning the new a7RII and the a7SII? (10:30)
  • Why can the REC function not be assigned to the shutter release b utton? (11:37)
  • Why do you get a blank EVF and screen when connecting an external recorder? (12:20)

The takeaway from us is, while the DSLR market is shrinking, inside of that market is an opportunity for pros, hobbyists, and specialists for category-defining mirrorless cameras. Iwatsuki-san predicts photography and videography will merge in the near future. While mirrorless used to be the term for smallness and lightness, now it’s a different term for high quality compact cameras. Iwatsuki-san also says that despite their success, Sony has much work to do with ILC cameras to become a champion against Canon and Nikon, and they are a challenger who is making a new market, and new cameras. The reason they’re in the ILC market is to challenge the incumbents with innovations.

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