Future Sony Mirrorless Cameras – How Big Is Too Big?

At some point future Sony mirrorless cameras are likely to grow in size as they grow in performance and functionality. The question that’s been bouncing around recently is “how large would be too large?”

As we started to post images from  the new Sony Zeiss Distagon T* 35MM F1.4 ZA lens and the new Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS lens, some commenters began to question the relatively large size of the lenses. Many companies make high-end 35mm lenses that are smaller and lighter than the new Zeiss lens and the 24-240mm is a particularly large zoom lens, especially when it’s being used at the maximum telephoto range.

The Sony a7II is already bigger than the Sony a7 (albeit negligibly) and still many people are clamoring for better autofocus functionality and a faster burst rate.

While ditching a mirror allowed Sony to make a camera that was much smaller than a traditional SLR but with the ability to capture images of equal (or better) quality, at some point the systems will likely have to get larger to increase their power.

One of the reasons that cameras like the Nikon D4s and the Canon 1D X are so fast is that they’ve got plenty of space for the circuitry to run powerful autofocus systems and room for processors (often dual, high-end processors) to clear the buffer quickly.

Battery life, another bugaboo of the Sony system is due to the diminutive battery in the a7 series. Look at the battery for the Nikon or Canon systems and you’ll see that they dwarf the Sony battery.

With the forum posts we’ve read lamenting the size of the new 35mm lens, we’re wondering what a reaction would be if future Sony mirrorless systems got bigger by a considerable margin.

Would a Nikon D4s-sized body kill the allure? Something the size of the 5D Mark III? What would be the breaking point for Sony fans to keep shooting with the Sony system? And would it make a difference if there were a larger full-featured system (like the oft-rumored Sony a9) and the more compact a7 bodies, both with the same lenses?

What do you think? Would a bigger body bother you if it were faster and more accurate than the a7 series?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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