Three New Sony Sensors Available – Micro Four Thirds?

SonyAlphaRumors is reporting that Sony has posted information about three new Sony sensors on their Sony Global product lineup page. Then new sensors include an APS-C sensor (possibly for an a6000 successor?) and two Micro Four Thirds sensors.

At face value that might seem odd—why would Sony create sensors for a system they don’t make? The answer is likely based partially on Sony’s part-ownership in Olympus and partially due to their massive industry-leading CMOS chip fabrication facilities. As we reported, Sony has outpaced Olympus and Panasonic in units sold, and has one of the largest CMOS plants in the world.

Likely the two new Micro Four Thirds sensors are for Olympus products—saving Olympus from having to design and manufacture a new sensor saves Sony money too, since Sony has a five-percent stake in Olympus.



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