Hands-on in Hollywood with the Sony RXO

Sony’s new RX0 is a diminutive camera with incredible features. While it looks like an action camera, it’s really a miniaturized version of Sony’s bigger RX100 V. The image and video quality look like they’re from a much more advanced camera.

And, here’s a first look at the camera’s capabilities I shot for Digital Photo Pro/HD Video Pro/DP Mag last week during a media event at Sony Picture Studios.

RX0 Sony Pictures Studio

As a Sony staffer showed me, the body could’ve been even smaller, but was designed to fit a reasonably-sized battery—during the shoot, the battery in my demo lasted about 2 hours and I captured 30 gigs of motion and about a 1000 stills.

Also impressive was the sequential shooting with limited blackout. I walked around the set shooting continuously and stopped here.

RX0 shooting sequential.

Also see this for a perspective of what the small-form factor can be used for—up close and personal moments.

RX0 Sony Pictures Studio

In the written piece, I talk more about what to use the camera for and how it’s intended to be placed in the moment. For some context, remember the DSC-QX100, and that was just a lens for your smartphone. The RX0 is similar in the sense of being best controlled by an app.

RX0 Sony Pictures Studio – RX1R

While the tiny box form factor from Sony looks like an action cam, it’s much more capable and intended for 4K multicam immersive experiences. Having spent a cocktail hour with the RX0, what you need to know is that it’s about capturing split seconds and assembling them into consequential moments—and thinking of new ways to do so.

Read the rest of my take on the RXO and video at Digital Photo Pro. I should have another demo as soon as they start shipping next this month with much more to share.

The RXO is available for pre-order now from Amazon for $698.