How Sony a7II 5-Axis Image Stabilizing Sensor Works

In this quick video from Nino Leitner, the on-sensor image stabilization of the Sony a7II 5-axis image stabilizing mechanism is demonstrated with a functioning unit that has been separated from the camera. Usually it’s impossible to see the function of the stabilizer, but by removing the sensor from the camera it is possible to see the quick-acting motion of the mechanism.

Most people don’t really care how the technology works, as long as it works, but for hard core tech geeks this is a look inside something we don’t usually get to see.

The 5-axis image stabilization in the a7II gives the camera a massive advantage over the a7, giving it the ability to capture images and videos that are free of motion jitter and blur even at very slow shutter speeds. While most image reduction systems work dampening the motion inside a lens, the Sony 5-axis stabilization in the the a7II removes motion at the camera. The result is image-stabilization that is active for every single lens, regardless of manufacturer. Even third-party lenses attached by converters are covered with image sensor stabilization.


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