It's Cold Outside

Just published the 30th issue of Bike Hugger magazine and it’s about riding in the cold. The photos from the featured gallery in the magazine were shot with the a7R and a Sony Sonnar T* FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA lens. We’ve been shooting with Sony mirrorless cameras since 2014. One of my first media events shooting with the Sony was during a freak summer mountain snowstorm on a Felt with the all-new, Zipp Firestrikes. I couldn’t share at the time what the wheel model was and how they performed in the howling wind, sleet, hail, and snow because Zipp hadn’t officially announced the wheelset yet.

And it was really cold.

The wheels were exceptionally stable and steerable including when ridden in an unexpected, windy snowstorm. Before the pads froze on that ride, they gripped the new molded-in, textured brake track and provided certainty that the bike was going to stop when I wanted it to.

The camera was also flawless, even when coated with hoarfrost.


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